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Membership Rewards 會員奬賞


-  Each dollar you spend on our website gives you 1 Reward point.

-  It can be used to redeem cash credit toward your next purchases.  

-  We are in the process of introducing some limited “NOT FOR SALE” items soon to be redeem with Reward points only. 

-  Points can be used within 18 months.

-  20 points to redeem as $1, point can be used up to 50% value of the order.  (5 % rebate for every purchase)

Beside making a purchase, you can also collect points by simply

1 subscribing to our newsletter (20 points)

2 when you refer a friend (the referral link is in "My Account" or "Click here" ) (20 points)

3 Registration (20 points)


- 每消費$1可獲得一分

- 積分可於下次網上消費時作現金使用。

- 我們將誠意推出一系列只限會員積分兌換的商品。

- 積分請於18個月內使用

- 會員可以20分兌換$1使用, 最高可兌換掉訂單的一半價錢。(相等於每次消費均享有5%回贈。)


1. 訂閱我們會員通訊郵件(20分)

2. 推薦一位朋友 (推薦朋友的鏈接請按 “My Account” 或 "按此")(20分)

3. 成為會員

Number of reward points will be rewarded to you is clearly displayed under each individual product as shown below: 

消費可累積的積分,會清楚的在Check out的時候列明,如圖:

To use your points, just type in the number of points you want to use toward the current order:  


Redeem Points

Points applied will clearly displayed once apply successful:


Redeem points confirmation

Under each product, the number of points you can collect with the respected product is displayed on each product page. 

To check the balance or redeem the cash discount, simply go to My account on the top as shown above. 


已累積或已兌換的積分,可按My Account查閱。




Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Tel:(02) 9283-2833

如有疑問。歡迎來電查詢 Tel:(02) 9283-2833